Wipe away a hard day’s work with the now available Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner. It has a pumice formulation that helps scrub away grime (and much more) from hands and even clothing. In fact, Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner is so tough on dirt that it has 20% better cleaning power than the leading brand. †

Our hand cleaner is also a moisturizing and skin conditioning formula which has a fresh, clean scent—not fragrances like oranges and cherries. Use Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner with Scott® Shop Towels* for a complete hand cleaning solution.

Features & Benefits:

  • 20% better cleaning power than the leading brand†
  • Pumice formulation removes grease, inks, paints, tar, markers, industrial soils, glue, resins, rubber cement, automotive grime and tile cements from both hands and washable clothing
  • No harmful petroleum solvents
  • Proprietary “Blue Titanium” scent helps reduce fuel odors such as gasoline and diesel
  • Moisturizing and skin conditioning formula with aloe and vitamin E
  • Convenient 16-oz. and 8-oz. sizes

†According to a simulated cleaning test

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Whether you've just changed the brakes or the oil, doing it yourself means breaking a sweat, getting dirty and having grimy hands. Here are some easy ways to stay fresh in the garage with Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner.

#1 Scrub Away the Stink. Garage odors can be strong, especially when mixed with perspiration from a long day under the hood. Keeping the garage well ventilated can help, but Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner will actually help reduce odors from fuel such as gasoline and diesel. The proprietary “Blue Titanium” scent is fresh so it won't leave your hands smelling like a citrus fruit bowl.

#2 Wash and Repeat. Automotive grime can really build up on hands as you work. So professional mechanics and DIYers alike should wash their hands several times throughout the day. Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner has a pumice formulation with 20% better cleaning power than the leading brand† to easily remove oil and grease from hands and underneath fingernails. Plus, the aloe and Vitamin E formula helps moisturize and condition skin.

#3 Towel Off. After washing hands, don't dirty them again by drying on soiled clothes or with used rags. Instead, wipe hands clean with absorbent Scott® Shop Towels* or Scott® Rags. You can also use Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner with towels to spot clean some washable clothing in removing grease, inks, paints, tar, resins and more.

Try these three tips, along with Scott® Hand Cleaner, to wash away garage grime for a fresh feeling all day.

† According to a simulated cleaning test