Trade Up to Towels Made for the Garage*


Demand the best from professional or DIY car detailing, and trade up to Scott® Glass Shop Towels. These disposable towels are ideal for cleaning glass, windows, windshields, mirrors and chrome to give an excellent shine to antique vehicles or the newest cars on the road. The blue sheet color is designed especially for automotive projects.

Features & Benefits:

  • General spray and wipe jobs
  • Polishing and wiping glass, chrome, windows and mirrors
  • No binders or glues with Absorbency Pockets
  • Low lint
  • Low streaking
  • Absorbs small liquid spills


Your hard work in the garage can have your car running and looking like its new. When it's time for a thorough detail of your car, here are three tips to make her really shine with Scott® Glass Shop Towels

#1 Roll Down the Windows. You want a crystal clear view out of your car windows—on all sides. So, use Scott® Glass Shop Towels with your favorite cleaner to deliver a virtually streak-free clean on windows. But, don't forget to roll down windows, and use towels to wipe away dirt and grime along the edges.

#2 Check Your Mirrors. Items may appear dirtier than they are in filmy interior and exterior car mirrors. Scott® Glass Shop Towels are perfect for spray-and-wipe jobs. Simply spray a quality cleaner on towels and clean mirrors using circular motions. For extra dirty mirrors, saturate the mirrors in spray first, then wipe with towels.

#3 Clean the Chrome. The finishing touch to car detailing is to make chrome trim gleam bright. Scott® Glass Shop Towels have no binders or glues, so they can be used with your polish of choice to clean chrome without scratching it. After cleaning, you can also use towels to apply a special wax to protect chrome surfaces.

Try these three tips, along with Scott® Glass Shop Towels, to make fast work of detailing for a sparkling, shiny car every time.

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